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Looking to buy 3-MMC online? 3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC), also known as 3-Mephedrone, is a designer drug from the substituted cathinone family known for its empathogenic and entactogenic effects.

About 3-MMC

3-MMC is a structural isomer of the well-known drug mephedrone (4-MMC). Despite its similarities, 3-MMC has managed to appear on the “legal high” market as an alternative to mephedrone, particularly in countries where 4-MMC is banned. First identified in Sweden, 3-MMC offers a unique experience for users seeking an empathogenic and entactogenic high.

Chemical Profile and Effects

  • Chemical Name: 3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC)
  • Other Names: 3-Mephedrone
  • Chemical Family: Substituted cathinone
  • Effects: Empathogenic, entactogenic

3-MMC is closely related to 4-MMC (mephedrone) and has similar psychoactive properties. It is often sold as a research chemical and has been identified in various forms, including powders and bath salts. As an isomer of 4-MMC, 3-MMC shares many of the same properties and effects but remains distinct in its chemical structure.

Research and Forensic Use

The physiological and toxicological properties of 3-MMC are not well-documented, making it primarily intended for forensic and research applications. This compound’s legal status varies by country, with many regions classifying it as an illegal substance due to its structural similarity to mephedrone.

Safety and Legal Considerations

  • Legal Status: Illegal in many countries
  • Usage: Forensic and research purposes

3-MMC should be handled with care, given the lack of comprehensive research on its effects and potential toxicity. Users are advised to practice harm reduction and be aware of the legal implications of purchasing and possessing this substance in their region.

Purchasing 3-MMC Online

When buying 3-MMC online, ensure you are sourcing from a reputable supplier. High-quality 3-MMC can be purchased at competitive prices, with safe shipping options available to various countries, including the USA, EU, and UK. Always verify the credibility of the supplier to avoid counterfeit products and ensure a secure transaction.


For those interested in the unique effects of 3-MMC, purchasing online offers a convenient option. Ensure you are well-informed about the legal status and safety practices associated with this designer drug. Buy high-quality 3-MMC from trusted sources for research and forensic applications.


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