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Description: Buy 25I-NBOH Drugs Online

Purchase high-quality 25I-NBOH online from a trusted supplier. 25I-NBOH, also known as 2C-I-NBOH, NBOH-2CI, and Cimbi-27, is a novel synthetic psychedelic from the phenethylamine class. It is closely related to 25I-NBOMe, offering similar effects with slightly reduced potency and shorter duration.

What is 25I-NBOH?

25I-NBOH is a derivative of the psychedelic 2C-I. First synthesized in 2006 by a team at Purdue University, it has been studied as a potential ligand for mapping 5-HT2A receptors in the brain using positron emission tomography (PET). Unlike some other compounds, 25I-NBOH is not orally active and must be administered sublingually for effective absorption.

Key Features of 25I-NBOH

  • Synthetic Psychedelic: Part of the phenethylamine class, related to 25I-NBOMe.
  • Administration: Not orally active; requires sublingual administration.
  • Research Chemical: Studied for its potential in brain receptor mapping.

Safety and Usage Information

25I-NBOH is a potent psychedelic with a highly sensitive dose-response curve. It is crucial to use this substance with caution and adhere to harm reduction practices due to its unpredictable effects and the potential for adverse reactions.

  • Start with Small Doses: To gauge individual sensitivity and reduce the risk of adverse effects.
  • Use in Controlled Environments: Ensure a safe setting when conducting research.
  • Avoid Prolonged Use: Due to limited data on long-term health impacts.

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Enhance your research with 25I-NBOH, a potent synthetic psychedelic. Available online, 25I-NBOH offers a unique opportunity for scientific exploration into its effects and potential applications.

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