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What is Dilaudid 4mg (Hydromorphone)?

Dilaudid 4mg, also known as dihydromorphinone, is a powerful pain medication belonging to the opioid class. Derived from morphine, hydromorphone is comparable to hydrocodone’s relationship with codeine. This opioid analgesic is widely used in medical settings for its effective pain-relieving properties.

Usage and Administration

In hospitals, hydromorphone is commonly administered intravenously (IV) due to its low oral, rectal, and intranasal bioavailability. For better absorption and effects, sublingual administration (under the tongue) is preferred over swallowing. However, its bitter taste and hydrophilic nature make this method less pleasant.

Solubility and Dosage

Hydromorphone is significantly more water-soluble than morphine. This means that hydromorphone solutions can be prepared with a smaller volume of water. For instance, the hydrochloride salt dissolves in just three parts water, compared to morphine hydrochloride, which requires 16 ml of water per gram. This high solubility is beneficial for creating concentrated solutions, but caution is needed to avoid overdoses, especially when mistaken for other powdered narcotics like heroin.

Safety and Purity

Our Dilaudid 4mg is of the highest purity, ensuring safe and effective use. However, it’s important to follow dosage instructions carefully to avoid potential risks. Trace amounts of hydromorphone are occasionally found in opium assays, suggesting complex plant processes that are not yet fully understood.

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